About Dr. Cannaday

Dr. J.C. Cannaday served the Mesquite Independent School District for 33 years. Not only was he known for his outstanding work ethic and administrative skills, but he was admired and loved for his kindness, even temperament, equal treatment of all students and colleagues, and his love for his fellow human beings.

Dr. Cannaday was from the Mount Vernon area. He graduated from Southern Methodist University, where he was distinguished as both a basketball star and a scholar. Dr. Cannaday was employed by MISD first as a teacher and coach, and then for 13 years as the principal of Mesquite High School.

In 1964, Dr. Cannaday was named Assistant Superintendent of MISD, where he remained until his death in 1982. Dr. Ralph Poteet said, "He was a true gentleman and a top notch administrator." Dr. Cannaday supervised the secondary schools and worked as an essential part of a team that developed the first policy handbook for MISD and the first Code of Conduct Book developed for Mesquite high school students. Under his watch, MISD developed its first vocational schools, ROTC, and honors courses.

The MISD Board of Trustees named Dr. J.C. Cannaday Elementary School in honor of Dr. J.C. Cannaday. It has become a living memorial to his high ideals, educational leadership, and years of service to the youth of our community. Dr. Cannaday was truly an outstanding leader!